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ABOUT /əˈbaʊt/

A hand-curated, visually, and aesthetically pleasing selection of photographic work, art, and fashion. The heart of FineBirds are the little things in life. Passion and personalities that we come across in everyday life, but which we don’t pay much attention to.

Hand-picked and timeless text contributions such as interviews and stories from people who might be sitting on the bus with us. Whose stories we would probably never hear. Every story is worth the same, one may seem heavier than the other. You can take something with you from everyone, even if it’s just a mental hug and an open ear for a person who needs it. 

FineBirds is the bird that shits on the head of the person in front of you and tells you that it might as well have been you.

FineBirds is passion – FineBirds is non-profit.

Why FineBirds?

Have you ever heard of the term “social entrepreneur”? That’s what FineBirds is. It’s social in many ways. It offers you deep personal stories that have the potential to touch you emotionally. It offers inspiring interviews from artists, designers, and just people. It looks pretty, so if you’re not in the mood for inspiration or emotion then just flip through it for a visual orgasm. Discover our curated world of fashion spreads, artistic work, and young talents. As social as possible, for every mood at any time.

How to be a Finebird!

Walk attentively through the world and lift your eyes off your smartphone during your next walk. Put your headphones down when you are in a cafe and listen to the stories that exist around you. Do not forget to be spontaneous, meet up with friends even if a lot is going on, they will definitely listen to you. Do them the same favor when they need you. Be open to the unknown, even if at first glance it invites you to be put in a drawer. Help people who ask for help that you might otherwise pass by. And don’t forget one thing: life means change.


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