Yevhenia Luchenko Fashiondesign Graduate Berlin

FineBirds Every creative personality knows the problem with the blank piece of paper. How do you start with new designs?

Usually, I don’t have any inspiration problems 🙂 there are always a few ideas in my head, that I’d love to realize once I’ve got time for them! What is really important in my working process are the swatches! They are crucial, essential, they even define the mood of my collections. I love experiments with materials and textures! You never know what comes out in the end! So exciting!

FB Not from this World, fits quite good when we talk about your Graduatecollection. What did inspire you?

The collection, that we are talking about, is called Apophis. Before I start to tell the story of how I come up with the idea of Apophis collection, I have to mention first, of course, that I love cosmology and astronomy! I think if I was talented in Natural Sciences, I would rather study something like astrophysics or astronomy, which are basically the synonyms, but still are slightly different, and would spend my whole life peering into the vastness of space and discovering new worlds, observing the stars, making equations and maybe one day if I was lucky enough, I might have a chance to go to Mars and live there my best life! However I was destined for design and all I can do is being inspired by the universe, watch documentaries about stars and black holes and occasionally go to a planetarium. Well, one day I was watching a film called “Into the universe with Stephen Hawking. The story of everything”. The film is perfect for people like me, who have no talents in Natural Sciences, but still have the affinity for cosmos. He narrates there about the beginning of the Universe, creation of galaxies and stars and eventually of our planet and life on it. Of course, everything that has a beginning has an end too. 

Yevheniia Luchko Interview
Yevheniia Luchko Interview
Yevheniia Luchko Interview

One day our sun will die and will take out lives too. However, before this happens, our existence may be threatened by many other factors like for instance asteroids! There are billions of them in our neighborhood! The threat from asteroids is real! One of them is the near-Earth asteroid Apophis, that caused panic about 15 years ago when it was discovered. It was thought at first, that Apophis might hit the Earth, but after some further studies, this possibility was ruled out. Well, the possibility was ruled out, but I was still inspired by this story and started with researches about the asteroid! It turned out, that the asteroid was named after the ancient Egyptian god Apep or Apophis depicted in Egyptian mythology as a coiled serpent, that embodies chaos, destruction and darkness; he is the biggest enemy of the god Ra. Every day he tries to defeat Ra and as a result to prevent the sunrise, but in the end, he is the one who is defeated and destroyed. Exciting source of inspiration!

Yevheniia Luchko Interview

FB What was the biggest challenge during your last semester?

Well..the biggest challenge was time itself! I needed at least 6 outfits for the fashion show, but about 70% of the whole work was done by hand, including making hats, hand made embroidery, painting on a corset, making of feather fringes, embroidery on leather was challenging too. The implementation of the blue corset was the most painful and challenging task, I think. And I made loads of prototypes before I created a perfect form for each of the corsets and hats. I’ve gone literally through blood, sweat and tears and I slept about 3-5 hours every day during a couple of months before the collection was finished. It was a huge time investment! 

FB How do you choose Materials?

I have a certain vision of how this or that outfit should look like and I know where I should go to get perfect materials. I always take lots of samples, experiment with them, make for instance embroidery on the samples. I never buy fabrics or any other materials online, because I need to feel them, I want to see their behavior in movement. And I love quality! The quality of materials is crucial if you want to make a nice piece.

Yevheniia Luchko Interview

FB Most of your pieces are lavishly decorated, was there a moment where you lost your motivation to go on?

Never. I’m working hard to make my pieces, spend lots of money on materials, have my personal expectations that I need to satisfy and goals I want to reach. And I cannot just give up on the halfway. It may cost me blood, sweat and tears, sleepless nights and damaged sight, but I’ll never give up.

FB How did your perception to fashion change?

Nothing has changed in my perception of fashion. I stay loyal to the quality and handicraft, unique designs and experiments. I want people to love what they wear. I want people to appreciate what they wear. I want people to choose quality over quantity. And I want to create beauty. As always.

FB What is your next goal?

What might be my next goal? 

Creation of more beauty 🙂 


XoXo Zhenja



Photos by Ceren Arlet-Gülay 

Hair&Make Up by Mai Linh Lee 

Models Lina Hempel & Julia Kühne 

Yevheniia Luchko Interview
Yevheniia Luchko Interview