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Why Print?

A printed piece of paper appeals to all of the senses we have as humans. We can feel it, whether painted or natural, whether we slip a thick or a thin paper through our fingers while leafing through. Everyone knows the smell of a newly bought book. We can hear it when we open a magazine, slam it, put it back in its place on the shelf. We perceive it as an object in all its beauty and complexity and suddenly every magazine becomes unique. Wrinkles, kinks, cracks, and traces that also become visible in us over time. How you can taste a magazine, we show you with the second issue 😉

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FineBirds is a twice a year magazine. A hand-curated, visually, and aesthetically pleasing selection of photographic work, art, and fashion. The heart of FineBirds are the little things in life. Passion and personalities that we come across in everyday life, but which we don’t pay much attention to.

Hand-picked and timeless text contributions such as interviews and stories from people who might be sitting on the bus with us. Whose stories we would probably never hear. Every story is worth the same, one may seem heavier than the other. You can take something with you from everyone, even if it’s just a mental hug and an open ear for a person who needs it.

FineBirds is the bird that shits on the head of the person in front of you and tells you that it might as well have been you 


– FineBirds is passion – FineBirds is non-profit.

Our Contributors of Issue 01:


Sylvie Blum

Laura Ruß

Samantha Evans

Dominic Packulat

Rory Blair

Daniel Bolliger

Don Smith


Interview Partners

Lianne Rouwenhorst

Sylvie Blum

Angelina Duplisea

Ellie Schwenk

Saskia Mirsch

Andrea Schöpfer

Guido Schöpfer

Maschall Alam

Naked Cowboy

Chris Habana

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