Plain Gold Ring Fashionvideo

Connection sometimes has the tendency to feel disconnected,
and so we never realise the relationship between little moments
that go by in a flash, without us ever caring to look back upon
them. Moments like that have immeasurable power, the power
to turn lives around completely, to turn all carefully laid out
plans to dust if we dare to reach out and grab them. And so, we
refrain from doing so, from taking that one risk that will make
everything uncertain, because uncertainty is intimidating. So we
avoid conversation after that intense eye-contact on the street
because we think it’s no use. We tiptoe through life because
taking a leap is daunting, for it brings risk; because the prospect
of change seems worse than the tedious routine of life that we
stay caught up in.
Here is one such story of a love that could’ve been, if either of
them had noticed the subtle signs of the universe. An almost
love story.

















Director of Photography Dominic Packulat

Director Christina Hasenauer

Styling Manuel Miltner

Hair Ana. Buvinic

Make up Joana Bacas

Making of Daniel Salaw

Models Jose & Sarah & Alexis

Location Hotel Provocateur