Meet Julia Runova

Ana Harff "The Body is a politcal tool"

Ana Harff

Choses "If you look at the bigger picture I don’t think that anything I will ever make, say or think needs to stay forever."


A FineBirds exclusive Fashion Editorial by Lala Serano

Jan Borreck_Editorial_Photographer_8

Asking yourself what would have been if, has never led to the desired result. In my case, due to my illness with alopecia areata (round patches of hair loss) since I was six years old, much of my growing up focused on the one topic, the outside: His hair is falling out.”

Yevhenia Luchenko "One day our sun will die and will take out lives too. However, before this happens, our existence may be threatened by many other factors..."


Ashanti for the world, Itnasha in her eccentric reveries, she is a phenomenon reborn every night. When the world sleeps, she steps out into the darkness, in search of someone who can answer the questions that rule her mind without questioning her normalcy. Normalcy is the disguise of the unambitious, she thinks to herself each night, as she sits with exceptional poise in a tawdry bar and sips her red wine; the imprint of her lipstick on the rim of the glass gives away her secrets to those who truly wish to know. Itnasha isn’t afraid to challenge the banalities of life as she walks lonely streets at night with complete strangers, slurring ‘what ifs’ into their ears and laughing at their pitiful faces contorted into perplexity upon her hypothetical remarks. She scorns at men who criticise her, and admires the ones who indulge her enigmatic questions as she rambles and wonders with stars in her eyes and moonlight igniting her slender contours. Would you dare wonder with her ?

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