by Jan Borreck

Asking yourself what would have been if, has never led to the desired result. In my case, due to my illness with alopecia areata (round patches of hair loss) since I was six years old, much of my growing up focused on the one topic, the outside: His hair is falling out”.

During my medical examination for the Military) the Doctor in charge came to me and said you would be discharged. After I asked Why? the doctor said: „Because you have no hair. Sit down, the papers will be here soon.“

For my friends it was common practice to go to the Military to serve and come back as a new “man“. I never had anything like that. I did not even have to do community service.

The self-portraits are a reflection of me who could have done this service to become somekind of men, thinking about what would have become if I had had hair. I don’t know exactly who these men are myself, but it could have been me. 

Jan Borreck_Editorial_Photographer
Jan Borreck_Editorial_Photographer_1
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Jan Borreck_Editorial_Photographer_3
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