Choses by Katharina Geiger

FineBirds What is infinity for you?

A mind-blowing concept. I’m not an expert on the topic, I’m no mathematician or philosopher or astro-physicist, so I read about it and take out the bits and pieces that speak to me and turn them into my own concept. In the end infinity, no matter if it exists or not, shows me how limited my mind is, which is a humbling experience and a way to experience the complexity and grandness of our universe.

FB What is a piece of yours which should stay forever?

If you look at the bigger picture I don’t think that anything I will ever make, say or think needs to stay forever. If someone else thinks otherwise, great! And since we’re all made of star dust and will return to being part of the universe as little particles after we die, I guess everything stays forever in some way.


FB What do you want to reach, when you’re thinking about new collections?

Usually I don’t have a very precise picture of a whole collection in my mind. I make pieces and because of what I’m interested in at the moment they probably all have a certain theme and/or visual connection. So the collections form step by step, with no clear goal in the beginning, except of course that I would love to sell them, so I can keep doing what I’m doing. At some point in the process things crystallize and that’s when I start making conscious decisions regarding the bigger picture. From this point on, all I want to reach is to create the most authentic portrayal of my thoughts and ideas. Because I guess that’s the thing that speaks to people in the end.That white piece of paper, before we start creating is kinda infinity and boundary at the same time.

FB How do you start breaking these things?

I guess I never had this fear of the white paper. Probably because I’m naturally good at making decisions or better said I trust my decisions and where the process will take me. I can imagine that the white paper is threatening when you expect a certain outcome, that you maybe won’t reach. If you go with the flow and see it more as an exploration or a playground, there’s nothing to worry about, because there is no right or wrong. Also since I’m limiting myself through the technique there’s an additional boundary and at the moment I enjoy this limitations, because they give me a defined space in which I can create and be free.

FB What if you could change time and place, where would you belong to?

I live in the city I chose and I think I’m a child of my time, so I guess I belong here. Belonging has more to do with people for me. And I have my favorite people here for now. Although I get the urge to escape somewhere else, all I would want to change at the moment is my apartment.

FB What is perfection for you and are you aiming for it?

I think there are different kinds of perfection. There’s this concept of perfection that is build on expectations that are imposed on you form the outside world, you’re trying to fulfill. For me that is a scary and insidious thing, that can make people very miserable.

Then there’s a kind of perfection, that comes more from within and is probably more like a personal standard you lay down as a groundwork. For me that has a lot to do with authenticity and process and I guess that’s what I’m aiming for. There’s this discrepancy in my work because of the sand casting method, where I have to let go a lot and can’t control everything and the way I obsess about the allover concept and implementation of a collection. 

So I’m not really aiming for technical perfection, but I have very specific ideas about my “brand”, they way I want to represent and display my thoughts and feelings. And I love both parts, the jewelry making and the conceptual part, equally. I couldn’t just throw out a collection with no “surrounding”. That just wouldn’t satisfy me and that’s my goal in the end – satisfaction, so I can stand behind what I do.

FB Do you have boundaries, if yes how do they feel?

Well, we would have to define what kind of boundaries you think of when asking this question. Emotional boundaries, physical boundaries, intellectual boundaries? Our universe and we as human beings are defined by boundaries, because without boundaries there’s just infinity and endless possibilities I guess. I imagine boundaries are like a set of rules. Without rules nothing and everything can happen, without rules or certain restrictions everything is random and unstable. So I think everything and everyone has boundaries, some of them are important, some of them are unnecessary and make us feel trapped instead of safe and free. The good thing is that a lot of those negative boundaries probably can be expanded or demolished.

FB How do you get over them? Do you?

Conscious decision, work and education. It’s an ongoing process. Also you have to recognise and acknowledge a boundary first to overcome it. That can sometimes be the hardest part. What helps me when I encounter an unwanted boundary is to think about that a boundary in our 3D world isn’t necessarily a boundary in a more evolved 4D world.

Photography by Christina Hasenauer